These Facts About Diabetes You Need To Know

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Diabetes is one of the health problems in the world, without exception in Indonesia. Until now, scientists continue to face challenges in finding a cure for this disease.

Most doctors advise patients to change their diet to fight non-communicable diseases.

In some cases, despite using insulin properly to lower blood sugar, people with diabetes still feel the terrible effects of diabetes because they fail to eat the right foods at the right time. The problem is their blood sugar levels remain out of control.

Reporting from Medicaldaily, here are some knowledge you need to know about diabetes. It could be this knowledge that can be useful for you in overcoming it.

You Can Turn It Around

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes that is known to be incurable. However, you can do things to reverse it, even allowing you to stop taking medication to balance your blood sugar levels.

Studies show that weight loss can help maintain healthy blood sugar levels without the support of medication. Losing extra fat can help manage diabetes, especially for patients who have been diagnosed with the disease for several years, citing information from WebMD.

Weight Loss is Not a Major Factor

Losing weight can help manage type 2 diabetes, but that doesn’t mean your weight can play an essential role in the development of the disease.

The American Diabetes Association says, most people who are overweight never have type 2 diabetes. Most patients with type 2 diabetes have an average weight or are only overweight.

Dental Flossing Can Protect You

Caring for teeth can help you avoid diabetes, according to Diabetes Self-Management. A study shows that gum disease can put a person at higher risk of suffering from the disease, as well as heart and kidney disease.

Meanwhile, people with healthy gums are known to be at lower risk of having one of these diseases. Article, gum disease can harm blood vessels throughout the body.

Strength of Vinegar

Previous studies have shown that vinegar can help reduce blood sugar levels during fasting and after eating. The way you can do is rinse your mouth with water after drinking it but don’t brush your teeth.

Wait at least 20 minutes because brushing too fast can remove the enamel that protects your teeth from acidity.

Stress plays a big role

Feeling a little pressure is good for the body. However, too much can trigger the development of diabetes.

Stress causes the release of more hormones such as cortisol, which makes your body immune to insulin. It also creates an increase in blood pressure.

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